colleges reopen in India under UGC guidelines

colleges reopen in India

colleges reopen in India under UGC guidelines : The University Grants Commission (UGC) issued guidelines newly. These new guidelines meant for reopening of various universities and colleges across the country. Due to Covid-19, the institutions for higher education locked-down for seven months across India.

UGC released the new guidelines for the reopening of universities and colleges. Importantly, UGC advised all the institutions to make sure the attendance not more than 50 percent. By all means, the attendance of students should not exceed 50 percent.

students to stay at home to continue online classes

Simultaneously, these new guidelines permit the students to prefer to stay at home to continue their online classes. A permitted number of hostels allowed open for their students. On the other hand, UGC also advised to reside not more than one student in a hostel room.

Furthermore, the area in which any educational institution is going to reopen must be safe. The concerned government should ensure the area safe before reopening.

MHA approved the guidelines

These UGC’s new guidelines got approval from the Ministry of Home Affairs besides the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Keeping all the options, and alternatives in view, the UGC formulated these new guidelines for reopening the universities, and colleges. Mr. Ramesh Pokhrial said that the Ministry of Education will be ready to deal the new challenges.

Universities and colleges must adhere to UGC guidelines for reopening

Earlier to this, there were multiple consultations taken place, including all the states and Union Territories, regrading the widespread of Covid-19. Mainly, These consultations are about the reopening of educational universities and colleges outside containment zones.

All heads of institution can take decisions freely on reopening, but the head of central funded higher education institutions’ satisfaction is mandatory before the reopening.
As per the decision of states and UTs’, all higher educational institutions will conduct the classes. Here, all higher educational institutions include not only the state, private Universities, but also deemed Universities.

colleges reopen in India under UGC guidelines
colleges reopen in India under UGC guidelines

Masks and Social distancing is mandatory

Most importantly, one must maintain social distancing and wearing masks. Moreover, it is mandatory to avoid social contacts and spread of Covid-19. There will be a phase- wise opening of campuses like administrative offices, libraries, and research laboratories, etc. of the respective Universities and colleges.

For the research students, required measures have been taken. The students from post graduation can take part in science and technology besides research courses. The institutions can implement the social distancing and healthful measures easily since a low number of people involved in research.

As the education directly connected with employment, the head of the institution can permit the final year students to join the classes.

Keeping the international travel ban in mind, the international students indeed need a special plan of action from the institutions. They are unable to attend courses directly, hence need of a plan to complete their courses.

For more details, visit UGC official website


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