About Us

Teenmaar news basically provides news in English language. It was started with only intension to serve the online community. By providing news time to time at their finger tips in this digital world. At present Global Village Scenario, a small village news becoming the world news conversely global news become the need of local people. In this process we work as a medium from local to global.

We are providing a versatile and up to date information through our website Teenmaar news. Our categories are News, Education, Entertainment, Technology, Health, Sports and Jobs.

In News category we are giving very interested, genuine and reliable News. Iam sure, Our expert writers give you very valuable news. We are covering Local, National and international news as well.

In Education category we are writing very essential articles. Where it is useful to children, parents and their grandparents as well. For example, we Published recently “Does virtual class substitutes traditional classroom teaching”. Which covers and analysis the current scenario of Education. We are also providing latest job recruitment Notifications and details of all courses.

In Entertainment category we are covering movies from Tollywood to Hollywood. And releasing of new movies as well interesting stories behind movies. And reviews of hit movies as well.

Under technology category we giving very useful and updated information about mobiles, systems, applications, on line offers, banking news and new release of bikes, cars. Very importantly, we providing under ‘How to apply category’ so much needed information belongs to many fields.

Under sports category we are going to cover all important sports and games. Even important sports analyses as well.