Agriculture is our Culture – IAS Narahari

IAS Narahari

Shri Parikipandla Narahari IAS secretary Madhyapradesh Celebrated Sankranthi Festival among farmers and childhood friends.

He celebrated Sankranthi festival in his native village Basant Nagar of Peddapalli district, Telangana. He plowed the field himself and planted the crops. He inquired about the difficulties and pleasures of the farmers.

On this occasion, he said that farmers are the backbone of the country and should be respected and protected. He said that our country is an agricultural country and we should preserve our culture. Modern agriculture provides a solution to many problems facing the country like unemployment, food shortage and sickness.

Parikipandla Narahari

Youth should focus on agriculture based products towards rural areas. Farmers can sustain themselves economically by growing commercial crops. Only then the farmer becomes the king. He said that the country will grow towards self-reliance.

He said that this Sankranti is a symbol of change. Which should bring light in the lives of all the people, the festival of nature, Sankranti, should be celebrated with enthusiasm.

In this program village farmers, childhood friends T. Ramesh Babu, Rajender, Malka Ramaswamy, Vinay Sumanth and his family members are participated.


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