Is social Media safe or a threat

Is social Media safe or a threat

Is social Media safe or a threat : Social media is a highly interactive platform between virtual communities and users. This is generally used to share or create information and explore things. Social media is now a days rich in providing it’s users with entertainment, news, advertising, shopping and many more.

Social media facilitates its users to share their thoughts, ideas and information through various digital services.

Through this students can get enough knowledge, beneficial for many business activities, can know new things, stay close to the society, interconnected with people, etc. Social media have become a fastest way to spread or share a news (within fraction of seconds).

Is social Media safe or a threat

Many social activities can be organized easily with huge response and support, social awareness on many aspects is being made through this platform.

Many new talents are out due to social media and this is providing many users to exhibit their talents and feelings in an earlier way with millions of followers and subscribers.

Despite of having many advantages, social media also carries a plenty of disadvantages which include privacy, hacking, cybercrimes, health issues, depression, sensitive content and so on.

However social media have adverse effects on children and teenagers.

Due to immense usage of social media in wrong way most of the teenagers are under pressure of cybercrimes. Some sensitive contents on this platforms mislead the users and finally lead to conflicts.

Hacking of personal information shared on social media is making the users insecure.

In the recent days these cybercrimes have become more frequent. Getting addicted to social media services show effect on physical and mental health which include feeling depressed, stress on spine, sightedness, etc.

Oversharing of an incident, unnecessary comments, fake news and posts make social media more negative.

Recently government issued rules for the removal of contents which are provocative and annoying.

Also introduced provisions such as removal of contents within 24 hours after complaints to ensure the dignity of women in the country.

However, it is up to the user to select a good way or a bad one. As social media has become a crucial one in everyone’s life, moving in a advantageous path is much better than avoiding it completely.


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