New Perspective towards Wisdom

New Perspective towards Wisdom

New Perspective towards Wisdom : Wit and wisdom are wider concepts of contemporary educational institutions. The definition of true education is “To be able to do what you have never done before”. Concurrent with changes in the pace of education its curriculum has widened the scope of varied dispersion of different spheres of knowledge.

A holistic development of a child is a must to compete with the present scenario. With the introduction of new education policy and its wide amalgamation of scholastic and Co-scholastic activities under new curriculum of course will disseminate and impart derived definition of acquiring knowledge by each and every student. Let us all extend conducive ambience from our side to make our children to get molded to be best citizens of tomorrow.

As a great educationist said ” A wise person possesses humility. He knows that his small island of knowledge is surrounded by a vast sea of the unknown. ”

As long as you live, you keep on learning. Books are the

ever burning lamps of accumulated wisdom.

New Perspective towards Wisdom

Education and knowledge to my aspects are the two words of enlightenment which not only enlivens but also encapsulates what exactly life is. Though with the passage of time the term education envisaged itself into broader sense of meanings. With the blooming of technology in field, the picturesque of the education had thrown the traditional system and created in itself the advancement and progress towards all angles of livelihood.

In it’s enhancement with regards to the fast pace it has flourished all the humanity race and emancipated every mind with a different perspective and its elaboration. To simplify in words, it has captured every mind and soul how to compete with the present pace of the world.

Knowledge provides peace of mind in knowing thyself, knowing the world and the vicinity around you. It traces to find an apt solution to the problem and tries to build up a new level of confidence in facing any hurdles or atrocities coming in your path.

Let the institutions mull over in this aspect about what is

the very basis of education and what it should impart.

written by –  T. Sireesha
In English Literature


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