Knowledge gaining websites at free of cost

Knowledge gaining websites at free of cost

Knowledge gaining websites : Without a doubt most of the young fellows forget the time spent on the web. There is a lot of buzz on social media about finding space. With the colleges not open, the internet is turning into homes all day long. Revolving in it. And if we use that vacation not only for entertainment but also for knowledge .. if we spend time and know information ..! So, let’s have a focus at these websites.

1. For doing anything

Knowledge gaining websites

Have we ever wondered how to make this gadget? Likewise how to know what tools are used to create this little robot? How do we do all this cool stuff at home? In this case we have to take a look at this website. Name How circuits, craft, cooking etc. are made. That is why it gives a step-by-step explanation of the equipment. In additional we can make our own at home by watching videos.


2. Ancient History Encyclopedia: Let’s read history

Ancient History EncyclopediaDo we like history? Interested in history? However this website is for us. Name Ancient History Encyclopedia. In it we can thoroughly learn every important aspect of world history. One can read the evolution of human beings from birth onwards. Find and read the history period we want. Not to mention the objects of that period can be seen. We can also learn about historical sites. We can not only hear in audio format but also view in the form of videos.

3. For wrestling with courses

Knowledge gaining websitesIn case we are empty at home. Training camps are not open to learning any course. If trying online means paying a lot of cash. However, there is a website that offers free courses for us. The website name is It offers courses offered by universities around the world for free online. About 1500 courses in film, photography, education, cooking, health, journalism, business, computer science, data science, etc. can be taken for free. We can also read audio books and also watch movies.

4. For Reading Articles

Knowledge gaining websites at free of costDo You Like Art? We want to know more about Artificial Intelligence? And also want to read microbiology articles! But spend hours surfing the internet for those articles! But we do not want to worry. Firstly, just open this website. Name Many articles are available on the topic of our choice. We can select and read. Moreover, one can learn as much information as possible about a topic. Give it a try.

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5. For cooking

Knowledge gaining websitesLet’s cook! Have all the ingredients at home enough for cooking. Of course, cooking can do with the ingredients in our home only. Is that possible? Clearly with this website it is possible. Name All we need to do is give them an outlet and the support they need to keep going. It tells you what kind of dishes and how many types of dishes can make with those ingredients. This means that we can enjoy our favorite dinner with the ingredients available. Plus, it gives us a step-by-step explanation of how to cook. Besides it teaches if cooking is not forthcoming.


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