MLA behavior is unbearable – chairperson Boga Sravani

BC chairperson Boga sravani

Dynamic women leader from BCs, Jagtial municipal chairperson Ms. Boga Sravani resigns and shed tears in a media conference

In a press conference conducted by Ms. Shravani, she announced her resignation to the post of chairperson of Jagtial municipality and claimed that she is humiliated in each and every place by the local MLA, Dr. Sanjay Kumar and his followers and also she claimed that his recent behavior is unbearable which led to the present press conference with the resignation. Interestingly, both the leaders, Ms. Boga Shravani and local MLA Dr. Sanjay Kumar belong to the same party BRS aka TRS. Shravani said that Dr. Sanjay Kumar demeaned her family, position and caste by saying “You have family, Kids, and businesses, be careful”, like that and He could not bear to see BC’s child growing up with nobility and prosperity because of his impatience, caste superiority and arrogance, and they took sides against me.

She is alleged that he is causing trouble at every step of the MLA by questioning on each and every move of hers. She also claimed that MLA demanded for unbearable money also. After many requests of appeals to MLA, Now Shravani felt that she could not bear the harassment anymore.

It is a shame feeling that he has issued an order not to do any development works without telling all the works to him. The post of municipal chairman is hellish for her for the last three years. She was humiliated to witness the stupa of martyrs on the main road. Despite all the insults, she went ahead with the goal of development and has initiated many developmental activities in the municipality area within her limited power and money allocations. He insulted her by saying that the post of Municipal Chairman is small compared to MLA. All the times, He created objections whenever she goes for the inspections/visits in the wards within the municipality.

He has created difficulties in work allocations, fund allocations etc. to develop the municipality, and so she could not start a single work with her own hands in her tenure as the municipal chairperson which she feels very unfortunate. He also issued an order to her not meet the district collector and also expressed his angry on her meetings with the govt officials by saying that your power is limited and you should not meet any official for any kind of support without my permission. He also tortured many other councilors who are in favor of Shravani and also insulted everyone in front of the public. He always refused to listen to their repeated pleas to work for the party.

Local MLA, Dr. Sanjay has been doing this just because of Ms. Shravani belong to BC communities and a women leader. Now Shravani is feeling that none of the non-upper communities are suitable for the current politics which are dominated by the doras. He ordered that Shravani should not use her own speech and she has to follow whatever he says in the public meetings and press meets which is not acceptable. Sanjay ordered that Shravani should not meet Kavitha and KTR and any other party high command and she should not become close to them and take their blessings. He has put me through hell many times.

Shravani said that they have asked many times that they will correct where the mistake has been made, but he never responded properly as there is no mistake in their side. She also claimed that Dr. Sanjay has threatened the municipal commissioner by saying “I will make sure that you will be suspended” and he is the sole reason for commissioner’s long leave. It is considered inappropriate for a person at the level of an MLA to act in this way. The recent Infidelity is the drama played by MLA and his people. Dr. Sanjay has won in the assembly elections in 2018 by oppressing all the bahujan communities.

In the press meet, she begged the District SP to provide proper protection as there is a threat to her from local MLA and his followers. She also claimed that her family is in a big trouble and Dr. Sanjay Kumar will be the reason if anything happens to her family and businesses.

Finally, Shravani convey her thanks to BRS party working president KTR, Kavitha, Koppula Iswar and MLC Ramana for all their continuous help and encouragement in reaching to this level and resigned the post of Chairperson of Jagitial municipality.


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