Indians made up the corona virus vaccine

Indians made up the corona virus vaccine

Indians made up the corona virus vaccine : Do you remember? Is there a vaccine or vaccine in the world today that kills blood cells all at once in two days? No? The papaya leaf juice, a vaccine invented by the Indians, rapidly developed blood cells and destroyed dengue. Like this the corona vaccine is also in our hands.

How do we failing in corona tests

Corona test is positive after two negative deaths because the virus spreads through the airways to the lungs. In corona tests, the corona is tested by taking samples only near the nose. The corona virus spreads from the nostrils to the lungs … samples taken near the nose may or may not. But it may be somewhere in the airway up to the lungs so the corona test may come back negative and positive again … so do not rely on it if you take it near the nose and test.

“Don’t be afraid of corona, it is not a deadly disease only an infectious disease”

The main feature of the corona virus is that blood clots form near the airways, blocking
breathing and exhalation, lowering oxygen levels in the body and damaging vital organs.
Corona virus causes a blood clot in the airways to affect the respiratory system causing
suffocation …

Indians made up the corona virus vaccine

These are the Indian vaccines for coronavirus

  1. Eat any food hot … drink hot water only ..
  2. Soaking the basil leaves at night and drinking it in the morning, cleanses the airways.
  3. Boil turmeric (not dried horn powder) in water, add salt and soak in lukewarm water until sore throat.
  4. Add turmeric and boil water and steam four times a day to dissolve the clots in the airways and make it easier to breathe.
  5. Lemon juice mixed with honey in hot water.
  6. Drink amaranth powder in a little lukewarm water and drink it.
  7. Intake of pepper, mint with milk
  8. When the rice is hot (when it is hot to swallow) dry rice is made into 3 small lumps and if swallowed in the morning and evening it will go down like a cup of water.
  9. Drink a small cup of tea with boiled water with ginger.
  10. Drinking ginger powder in buttermilk.
  11. Amritavalli (Thippathiga) Kalpavalli of the Indians who kicks the corona.
  12. No tablets are required if the juice is mixed with cumin powder, tomato, a little pepper
  13. Do yoga/ breathing exercises daily.

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Our Indians have invented all these before so we can conquer Corona even if we don’t have the money.

So follow all these. Be brave and fight against the corona.


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