India’s first Hydrogen fuel cell Car – tested

India’s first Hydrogen fuel cell Car

India’s first Hydrogen fuel cell car tested. For the first time in a 5-seater passenger sedan car. CSIR and KPIT announced the trail was successful.

INDIA developed it’s first Hydrogen Fuel Cell (HFC) prototype car fuel cell stack. Notably, at CSIR- National Chemical Laboratory, Pune. The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) partnership with KPIT. In particular, INDIA’s first prototype Hydrogen fuel Cell Is a low temperature PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) type. Actually, the Fuel sell stack operates at 65-75° C. I think, this temperature is very suitable for vehicles.

Next, the prototype fuel cell stack and its components with power retro-fitted to test in a standard 5-seater sedan car.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

The technology in Hydrogen Fuel Cell is a chemical reaction between Hydrogen and Oxygen. Causes, to generate electricity energy. It means, generating electricity from the Air. Certainly, Hydrogen Fuel Cell will help to reduce the using of fossil fuel.

CSIR and KPIT Association in HFC

CSIR and KPIT successfully Developed a 10kWe LT-PEMFC Hydrogen Fuel Cell stack. Notably, Based on the CSIR’s Know-how. Mainly, Membrane electrode assembly is the heart of the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology. Inspite of this, KPIT Engineered light-weight metal bipolar plate and gasket design. They developed balance of plate (BoP), system integration with Hydrogen Fuel Cell. Controlling software and electric power transmission system, too. Actually, that helps to run the fuel cell vehicle.

How Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology Works

In 2016, CSIR as a part of New Millennium Indian Technology Leadership Initiative 9NMITLI). Associated with KPIT to develop an Automotive grade PEM Fuel Cell technology.
Mainly, Hydrogen Fuel Cell (HFC) technology uses chemical reaction between Hydrogen and Oxygen. In order, to generate electrical energy.

Good thing is, the HFC technology emits only water. The technology helps the world to be a clean place. Subsequently it also cut downs emission of pollution and greenhouse gases.

Capacity of Hydrogen Fuel Cell

The 5-seater sedan car retro-fitted with type III Hydrogen tank. 1.75Kgs of H2 with the 350-bar pressure. The vehicle run almost 250 Km range. The moderate speed is 60-65 Km/hr on typical Indian roads.

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“The time has come for renewable energy based on hydrogen as fuel to power transportation in the country”.
– Prof Ashwini Kumar Nangia, Director, CSIR-NCL

“The technology has a great future and unsettled to its primitive development. And expected to more commercially applicable than ever before, too. It is an important technology to reduce pollution and reduce of fossil fuel imports”.
-Mr. Ravi pandit Chairman, KPIT.

In conclude, a long-term investment of CSIR under NMITIL on Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology is became fruitful.


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