How To Choose An Android Phone Before You Buy?

How To Choose An Android Phone Before You Buy?

How To Choose An Android Phone Before You Buy?
Do you want to purchase new Android smartphone? But what to take, what features, camera, processor, so many questions arise. That’s why there are things for you to consider before choosing a smartphone.

How much is the budget?

How much you want to buy at the phone option is important. Because in the market Rs.5000 to half a million smartphones are available. Decide what the budget should be before spending more than necessary and then suffering. Just talking on the phone, for photos / videos, there are phones with good features priced at Rs 10,000. Apart from that, if you prefer the processor, memory and RAM, you will have to pay between Rs.15,000 and Rs. 30,000.

If the photos are good ..

If the camera is your priority .. it should take into account such things as selfie camera, primary cameras in mega pixels. Some smartphone companies are giving selfie cameras with the best features for selfie lovers. Make sure you have features like Night Mode, AI Beauty. Having more megapixels and a defective lens is of no use. So focus on the camera lens thing as well.

Battery capacity is important

Another important factor to consider before buying a new phone is the battery. Check the phone for any purpose during the day and for how long it will be used. For example, if a person wants to spend more time in a day for entertainment, chatting and video calls, it is better to buy a phone with a 4,500 mAh / 5,000 mAh battery. Phones with 5K mAh to 7K mAh battery capacity are currently available in the market. However, if 5K mAh battery phones start from Rs.10,000, TK battery phones will have to cost more.

How To Choose An Android Phone Before You Buy?
How To Choose An Android Phone Before You Buy?

If the processor is not correct …

Talking on the phone for a long time or watching videos has in the past caused the mobile to overheat and hang. That would have to restart the phone every time. With the phones
currently on the market such a problem is not going to be big. This is because of the advanced processors. Especially the processor to consider before buying a smartphone. Most of the Android phones released in India come with MediaTek Helio or Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Some mobile companies are bringing mobiles with specialized processors for gaming. Take a mobile with its 4 compatible processor keeping in mind your need.

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Display is important

Some people only consider price, RAM, memory, camera, processor when buying a new phone. But don’t ignore the crucial display. Even if you buy a phone that does not have a good display, you will not be able to enjoy the video and gaming quality in it. So in addition to the number of inches of display, you also need to look at the screen resolution. AMOLED and Super AMOLED display phones are currently available in the market along with Full HD + Plus display. If you are in the habit of watching a lot of videos, it is better to choose 2K and 4K resolution phones.

Smartphone Requires 5G technology

Before the availability of 5G technology in India, the buzz of 5G phones started in the market. With the launch of the network in various countries, mobile manufacturers are turning to 5G technology phones. Currently used phones only support 4G network. Mobile network companies want to bring 5G network to India as soon as possible. The phones are made with Snapdragon 865 5G, Snapdragon 765 5G and MediaTek Diamond City 5G processors. So before you buy a phone, check if it supports 5G technology.


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