Ryzen 5000 Series desktop CPUs Officially Launched by AMD

Ryzen 5000 Series desktop CPU

Ryzen 5000 Series desktop CPUs Officially Launched by AMD. The AMD’s latest Ryzen 5000 series of CPUs announced on 9th, October,2020. The processors manufactured based on latest Zen 3 architecture.

Four new models out with prices of Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 60,000 approximately. AMD processors cheaper than alternatives.

Ryzen 5000 Series Processors New Models

Ryzen 5000 Series desktop CPUs Officially Launched by AMD

Ryzen 9 5950X

It featured with 16 cores and 32 threads. The 5950X comes with clock frequency of 3.4Ghz. Also, clock speed up to 4.9Ghz. AMD company challenging this SoC has highest multi-thread performance of any desktop CPU. Cache memory 64mb spread into 2 chipsets. And it has 105W TDP.

The Ryzen 5950X upgraded model of most successful processors of Ryzen 3950X.

Ryzen 9 5900X

This Ryzen 9 5900X processor comes with 12 cores and 24 threads. The chipset clock speed 3.7Gh and the boost clock speed is 4.8Ghz. The chipset maker says this CPU is the best gaming CPU on the market. The Ryzen 5900X also equipped with 64 mb of L3 cache Spread in to 2 chipsets. The TDP is 105W like 5950X.

Ryzen 7 5800X

The Ryzen 7 5800X has 8 cores and 16 threads. The 5800X achieves base clock speed of 3.8Ghz and boost clock speed 4.7Ghz. The CPU have single chipset with 32mb cache. And also, have 105W TDP. This Processor compete with 8-core Intel Core i7-10700K.

Ryzen 5 5600X

Last but not least, The Ryzen 5 5600X has 6 cores and 12 threads. Likewise, this is the cheapest desktop CPU among the four. The base clock speed is 3.7Ghz, on boost 4.6Ghz. It utilizes single chipset with 32MB of L3 cache. Of contrast, TDP reduced to 65W. The Ryzen 5600x only comes with a stock cooler in the box. I believe that, this processor replaces 6-core Intel Core i5-10600K.

Availability of Ryzen 5000 Series Processors

New Ryzen 5000 Series processors hit the store shelves from November 5. This all CPUs work with all mother boards running B550 and X570 chipsets.


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